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Buy Inclusive

Neuromarts+ is proud to be part of the Human Support Network.  Support Neuromarts+ mission, vision and each other by buying inclusive. Buying inclusive breaks down barriers to paid work experience & leverages minority talents to achieve Global Goals.

On Neuromarts+, inclusive buyers also make it possible for independent vendors to earn approximately 94.5% of every sale once processed by the payment gateway before their countries applicable taxes.

Neuromarts+ is built on a secure encrypted SSL platform. All credit card transactions processed through Neuromarts+ are managed by payment gateways. We use the same industry standard payment gateways that big box marketplaces use such as Pay Pal, Stripe, Google and Apple Pay, but have fewer barriers to entry. Our Vendors are equitably approved and also committed to keeping more money funding our community, going towards Global Goals. No customer/client/seller will request or have access to anyone else’s banking information on Neuromarts+.

Building on Higher Ground

Who can become a Neuromarts+ Member?

Everyone is welcome to join, and support  creating a more inclusive, accessible & sustainable world. Neuromarts+ currently supports over 200+ countries and 26 different currencies.

Who can sell or showcase their work on Neuromarts+?  

Neuromarts+ Vendors  must be 18+ years of age or supported by a person 18+.  Vendors  must  identify as member (s) of  a  minority  &/or  marginalized populations .  For example but not limited to  Persons of Color, Autistic,  LBGT+, Neurodiverse, Neuordivergent, Living with Mental Health, Women, Immigrants, single parents,  Persons with disabilities, Food insecure, Housing insecure &/or survivors  of abuse & trafficking.. 

Inclusive Buyer & Employer Membership  (Open to All). There is zero obligation to sell directly on Neuromarts+. Our community is very active and will flag suspicious pages/activity but like all online activity user discretion is advised.  

Who runs the Neuromarts+ Crew?

Neuromarts+ Crew powered by Autistics.  Currently, the Neuromarts+ Crew are volunteers from across the world, and sit on the Human Services Network Inc. in Canada.  Please note; Human Services Network Inc. currently has zero paid employees.  As our community grows our goal is to hire a Neurocrew  and keep administration under 35% of vendor fee revenue.

Are you interested in helping connect minorities with the majority? 

Buy a Neuromarts+ Crew a Neuromarts+ coffee click here or contact us directly about other opportunities. If you have any question please feel free to contact us or email us directly at