Buy Inclusive

Neuromarts+ is proud to be part of the Human Support Network: 

Neuromarts is an online interactive platform that serves as a thriving marketplace, gallery, and inclusive community. 

Our vision is to provide a space where individuals who identify as belonging to minority-protected classes can showcase and advertise their art, products, and services while creating a survival income to support themselves and contribute to mutual aid initiatives. 

Our mission is to connect minorities with the majority toward achieving Global Goals.  

Neuromarts+ is built on a secure encrypted SSL platform. All credit card transactions processed through Neuromarts+ are managed by payment gateways. We use the same industry standard payment gateways that big box marketplaces use such as Stripe, Google and Apple Pay, but have fewer barriers to entry. Our Vendors are equitably approved and also committed to keeping more money funding our community, going towards Global Goals. No customer/client/seller will request or have access to anyone else’s banking information on Neuromarts+.  

Free Listing and Showcasing:

Neuromarts believes in removing barriers for individuals from minority-protected classes to showcase their talents and offerings because the best way to learn about others’ cultures and differences is to visit their marketplaces. That’s why we offer a free listing and showcasing options on our platform. Whether you’re an advocate, artist, author, musician, or instructor, you can freely display your expertise, products, and services to our community & add links to your listing or showcase/sell directly on or off Neuromarts+.  

15% Vendor Fee for Sales Using Neuromarts+ Check out: 

To ensure the sustainability of our platform and support the survival income of sellers, Neuromarts applies a small 15% fee only when sellers make direct sales through our platform. This fee covers operational costs, and gateway banking fees and allows us to continue providing a valuable platform for individuals from minority-protected classes. Importantly, the allocation of profits from these fees is determined through community voting. This democratic process ensures that the collective voice of the community guides how the funds are utilized, including supporting mutual aid initiatives that benefit the community as a whole.

Building on Higher Ground

Who can become a Neuromarts+ Member?

Everyone 18+ is welcome to join and support creating a more inclusive, accessible & sustainable world.  Neuromarts+ currently supports over 200+ countries and 133 different currencies.

Who can sell or showcase their work on Neuromarts+?  

Members of Neuromarts+ are 18+. Guardians or support persons are welcome to support posting art, services, and products with the consent of the minor and/or consenting adult.  

Please note; Only Members of the Minority-protected class may post a listing,  advertise to be hired as a speaker, or elocutionist, and host workshops regarding the minority. This will uphold our nothing about us without us policy & create a wonderful resource for each other and inclusive buyers world-at-large. If you are unsure if you are a member of a protected class please contact us. 

Empowering Workshops, eBooks, and Courses:

Neuromarts is not just a marketplace; it’s a platform that encourages individuals to share their knowledge and expertise through workshops, eBooks, and courses. Advocates for Creatives from minority-protected classes can run workshops to educate and inspire others, author eBooks to share valuable insights, and create courses to empower learners. This collaborative learning environment allows for the exchange of ideas and the growth of a more inclusive and accessible world. Please see the Terms of Service to review listing guidelines. 

Survival Income and Contribution to Mutual Aid:

Neuromarts believes in creating a community that enables individuals from minority-protected classes to generate a survival income & showcase their works. We understand the challenges faced by minority-protected classes and the importance of economic empowerment. By providing a space for minority-protected classes to advertise and sell their products and services, we strive to create opportunities for sustainable income generation and means to support directly and contribute to mutual aid incentives.  The 15% fee on direct sales helps cover operational costs, supports the survival income of sellers, and contributes to mutual aid initiatives that uplift those within the community and support Global Goals. 

A Resource for Inclusive Buyers & Allies: 

Neuromarts serves as a comprehensive resource hub for buyers seeking diverse products and services. We invite individuals from all backgrounds to explore our platform and support sellers & talent from minority-protected classes. By being an inclusive marketplace, we enable inclusive buyers and allies to discover unique offerings, support underrepresented creators, and contribute to a more equitable economy towards achieving Global Goals. 

Who runs the Neuromarts+ Crew?

As of 2023 Neuromarts+ Crew is proud to be powered with  Currently, the Neuromarts+  NeuroCrew are volunteers from across the world. As our community grows our goal is to hire a Neurocrew and keep administration under 35% of the 15% Vendor sales fee revenue. 100% of Vendor fee profit is donated by vote towards global goals.

Are you interested in helping connect minorities with the majority? 

Buy a Neuromarts+ Crew a Neuromarts+ coffee click here or contact us directly about other opportunities. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us or email us directly at