Art in Neuromarts+

I wanted to share this quote from M. David Lepofsky, who is a Canadian lawyer and disability advocate. “There are only two kinds of people in society: those who have a disability now, and people with disabilities in waiting.”

Neuromarts+ is breaking down barriers by changing the perception of the world by serving as a model on fostering a multi-vendor marketplace to showcase phenomenal art, purchase goods, and services offered by neurodivergent artists and entrepreneurs.

As a proud mother to my daughter Emily who is Autistic and lives with Pervasive Developmental Differences, Neuromarts+ is a platform in which she can showcase her art which she is incredibly proud of.

I genuinely believe Neuromarts+ has given Emily the inalienable right to feel connected with her peers and belong to a community that raises self-confidence and empowers her to share her contributions to a community that values the talents and diverse abilities of every individual.

We are passionate about being a part of Neuromarts+ and being a part of an innovative and collaborative community working together to build a successful online presence that celebrates the contributions of people with diverse characteristics with pride!

Written & equitably approved by Emily and Norma Finelli, Advisor, Board Member And Co-Founders Neuromarts+

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The VanHook in Neuromarts+

Neuromarts is growing & excited to welcome Ben VanHook! Ben will be working as a newsletter editor. He will also be on the board of directors, social media management, and outreach coordination team.
“My name is Ben VanHook. I am an autistic graduate student at George Mason University where I study public policy with an emphasis in education policy. I recently obtained an undergraduate degree in psychology and political science at Mercyhurst University. I currently tutor online and just launched a free e-store on Neuromarts to advertise my services called VanHook Tutoring.

Growing Our Brands Together

Even small businesses may profit from branding, despite the fact that most customers associate branding with large corporations such as Nike, Huggies, and BMW. Small businesses may brand themselves by adding eye-catching labels to their products that explain who they are and how they operate. A memorable name, logos, distinctive colours, and slogans are just a few of the things that distinguish a brand. Choose something more personal instead of a generic “Thank you!” or a basic bag.


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