The MART in Neuromarts+ banner more than a market, a place of community.

What is neuromarts, you might wonder? Neuromarts is an online market, with a variety of vendors, in one place to connect, browse, shop, as well as catch up on current events, and hold community.

Its about bringing together neurodiverse artists, bloggers, crafters and other creatives. It’s about a safe place to connect with likeminded individuals, globally, as well as a unique platform to showcase and sell created works.

Why a market? The market is there for individuals to sell or showcase their creative works, in an environment which values both the creator, as well as the customer. It’s open across several countries and currencies.

Shopping? Isn’t that just supporting capitalism and consumerism? In todays world, with systems and factors such as globalization, capitalist economies, and the day-to-day just trying to get by; there is so much that we participate in without much choice in the matter. Some of us are more or less aware of these systems, and our place within them. We all know the meaning of the term “cost of living”, and we are all subjected to its rule. We also know how essential the ability to participate is and how that directly affects one’s ability to survive and thrive. Enter Neuromarts. Finding creative ways to participate, yet resist, are essential. Seeking out and supporting community is so important, not only to survival, but to thrive, and take back for the people, you, me, we, us. By allowing space for shops to create a market, providing workers with a place to showcase and sell their goods, themselves, vs providing their work and labour to the capitalist system and corporations. Giving power back to the workers, the creatives. Creating opportunity for community and collective, finding creative ways to participate within societal constraints, but in a way which honours our work, values all contribution, respects concepts like fair trade, and fair pay, which supports the little guy, the entrepreneur, the artist, the creator. That isn’t all though, It provides the customer with community as well, a place for information, and access and connection across the world with likeminded folks. It is resistance, it is mutual aid, it is honouring craftsmanship, and so much more. It allows the customer to connect with shop keepers, join a like minded community, and importantly it provides customers with choices which honour their preferences and any ethical concerns. From local to abroad, supporting neurodiverse folks, disabled folks, BIPOC, LGBTQ2S+ or other minority groups. It honours the theory “from each according to their ability. To each according to their need” it provides direct income to the worker, and then connects the customer directly with the work.

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Neuromarts is growing & excited to welcome Ben VanHook! Ben will be working as a newsletter editor. He will also be on the board of directors, social media management, and outreach coordination team.
“My name is Ben VanHook. I am an autistic graduate student at George Mason University where I study public policy with an emphasis in education policy. I recently obtained an undergraduate degree in psychology and political science at Mercyhurst University. I currently tutor online and just launched a free e-store on Neuromarts to advertise my services called VanHook Tutoring.

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