Growing Our Brands Together

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Growing together this week is brought to us by the letter Bb.

“Branding /ˈbrandɪŋ/noun

  • The action of marking with a branding iron:”regulations concerning the branding, movement, and sale of cattle”
  • The promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design:”the process of branding should be considered in global terms” Oxford Dictionary

Branding is all about leaving a lasting impression on your consumers. As a result, building a strong brand is important.

Even small businesses may profit from branding, despite most customers associating branding with large corporations such as Nike, Huggies, and BMW. Neuromarts e-stores may brand themselves by adding eye-catching (ALT a short written description of an image), labels to their products that explain who they are and how they operate. A memorable name, logos, distinctive colours, jingles with (captioning) and slogans are just a few things that distinguish a brand. Always try to choose something more personal instead of a generic “Thank you!” or a basic bag.

The Value of Branding 

  • Branding may pay for itself many times over in terms of time, money, and effort.
  • It makes things memorable. Branded businesses are considerably easier to recall than generic ones.
  • It promotes loyalty. People are more likely to purchase a product or service from a well-known brand than from a competitor.
  • It increases familiarity. According to studies, even if you are not a customer, you are more inclined to promote a known brand.
  • A high-end image costs a lot of money. Customers are willing to pay a premium for a well-known product or service.
  • When your brand is solid, you may grow into additional goods, services, or locations.
  • Branding may increase the value of your business. Developing a brand for your business may result in a higher profit whenever you decide to sell it or retire.
  • Branding reduces the need for advertising. While creating a brand does not have to be expensive, the money invested in branding is money well spent.
  • Buyers get confidence as a result of branding. Buyers often dread the repercussions of a mistake, so they choose a well-known supplier over an unknown one.

For all of these reasons, branding increases your revenue and strengthens your relationships with your customers. Sign up for your forever subscription-free e-store on Neuromarts.com and buy, sell, showcase for #globalgoals

Sources: WorldWinn Business Consultants & Oxford Dictionary

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The VanHook in Neuromarts+

Neuromarts is growing & excited to welcome Ben VanHook! Ben will be working as a newsletter editor. He will also be on the board of directors, social media management, and outreach coordination team.
“My name is Ben VanHook. I am an autistic graduate student at George Mason University where I study public policy with an emphasis in education policy. I recently obtained an undergraduate degree in psychology and political science at Mercyhurst University. I currently tutor online and just launched a free e-store on Neuromarts to advertise my services called VanHook Tutoring.


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